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Chill! It's Only Peppermint

Chill! It's Only Peppermint

Time to chill out! With peppermint. Yes it’s yummy in tea and candy canes are an essential part of Christmas. BUT peppermint has many health benefits that you may or may not already know about. So get out your sunglasses… it’s time to be cool.


I thought it only appropriate to go to peppermint next, since it’s almost as versatile as lavender and is very potent like lemon. Honestly, it should be the second essential oil you buy for your starter kit. Peppermint was my third discovery, mostly for nasal congestion. I found it to use in conjunction with my Oregano oil treatments. I would put a few drops around the inner rim of my sink, avoiding the center where the water would just wash it away but close enough to be directly below my face. Then I would run the hot water with a towel over my head to trap in the steam and breathe deeply. Sinuses clear and the heaviness in my chest lifted. AMAZING!


Other than sinus and respiratory, peppermint has incredible health benefits. It can reduce fevers simply by diluting 2%-3% essential oil to carrier oil and applying along the spine from the base of the neck to the tailbone. Works like a charm! It works great for joint pain and muscle tension. I love using a few drops in coconut oil for massages. It really adds an extra element when doing self massage or pampering your significant other. I like to think of it as nature’s Icy Hot. As a preteen and teenager I was a runner which greatly affected my knees during puberty. This has caused knee pain as an adult and peppermint is my go to for relief when I need it. 

Other uses include:

  1. Digestive issues. It can relieve nausea and help aid digestion. It also helps cut cravings and can curb your appetite if you take a few drops before eating. 

  2. Treat yo’ scalp! You can add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner. I also like to add it to my hot oil hair treatment which I’ll talk about in a different post.

  3. No mosquitoes here! Mosquitoes LOVE me… why?!? I used to bathe in Off! when I was younger.. Those little creepers still got to me. The would kamikaze themselves to get to the sweet nectar that apparently runs through my veins. I was their last meal. However, with a wonderful concoction I’ve discovered through my essential oil research I can finally keep them at bay. Don’t worry… I’ll share the recipe. All good things come to those who wait! 

  4. Focus and energize! This multi-purpose oil can also help those with ADD and ADHD focus, plus it’s a natural energy booster when you’re feeling a bit tired. I usually just open my bottle and take a whiff, but you can sprinkle it on your clothes or create a spray.

Peppermint while cooling can cause a burning sensation and should ALWAYS be diluted when using topically. The benefits come in leaps and bounds, but make sure to use as directed and dilute properly. Maximum topical usage is 5.4% and don’t take more than 5 drops internally daily. This oil is too potent even with dilution for infant usage and shouldn’t be used until children reach age 3. Ages 3-6 require more dilution of 0.5% As always use at your discretion and if you’re feeling uncertain, avoid using it until your children are older.


Amazon’s choice is from Mary Tylor. I had never heard of this brand, but I did some research and they have a beautiful mission statement and an eco friendly business structure. One of my go to brands for organic oils is Plant Therapy as recommended in other posts. They’re just great! What can I say? And my starter brand… Now Foods. They have a 2-ounce and 4-ounce option, depending on how much you think you’ll use.


Note: Some schools of thought say certain essential oils may not be safe to use during pregnancy. However, experts say to use the minimum dosage as directed and it should be safe. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns and use at your own discretion. 

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