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How About some Afternoon Tea Tree?

How About some Afternoon Tea Tree?

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You came back! The next few blogs are going to concentrate on your essential oil starter kit. The basics. The bear necessities… those simple bear necessities. So forget about your worries and your strife and let’s talk Tea Tree Oil. 

Tea Tree was a later discovery in my essential oil journey. Way later than it should have been. But better late than never! It was a game changer in my collection.


As an actor, looking good is crucial. There’s a lot of pressure to have flawless skin at all times. Finding Tea Tree was a blessing for me to deal with random blemishes. It’s actually one of the few essential oils that can be used directly on the skin. It is recommended to still dilute it, but I have pretty sensitive skin, and have used it directly as a spot treatment with no issues. As an adult I didn’t think I would have to deal with pimples anymore. Not so my friends! Sadly… they still pop up on occasion. In these instances I put a drop on my finger and rub it directly on the spot at night. The next morning it’s usually drastically reduced and sometimes completely gone! Now, if you find yourself with a breakout that affects some or all of your face, you will want to dilute in a carrier oil (my favorite is almond oil specifically for acne treatment) before applying. Dilution is important for all oils. Always test these for yourself, as we all have different skin types, body chemistry, and allergies. Never test on your face! Use your forearm to see how you react. This way you know if you can use it on your face.

Tea Tree has been used as a wound healer throughout history. Applied directly it stings! I would recommend making a solution of 15% Tea Tree to 85% fractionated coconut oil. Don’t worry! I’ll have a few posts on all the different carrier oils and what should be used for different purposes. For now I’ll tell you that fractionated coconut oil simply means that it stays in liquid form. For all you die-hard Neosporin users, this will work faster and actually prevent scarring. Every scrape, cut, and burn I’ve gotten over the past few years hasn’t scarred because of using this solution. Toss out the Neosporin!! TEA TREE FOR LIFE!

The bacterial properties of Tea Tree make it a jack of all trades oil. Other than acne, cuts and scrapes, it’s useful for the following conditions:

  • Chicken pox

  • Cold sores

  • Earaches

  • Fungal infections

  • Halitosis

  • Head lice/dandruff

  • Psoriasis

  • Dry cuticles

  • Insect bites and sores

  • Sunburn

  • Boils from staph infections


Now let’s talk about respiratory health… Tea Tree is what I like to call nature’s Vicks VapoRub. When I feel any tightness in my chest, I rub a Tea Tree oil solution my chest. This is a prime position for aromatherapy during sleeping. I can feel my airways opening immediately.


Amazon’s choice is Maple Holistics brand. They are PETA certified and truly care about using natural ingredients for health. If you want to up your game a bit, you can trust Desert Essence Tea Tree oil. It’s 100% pure and comes from Australia. Most non-American brands have higher standards for what is allowed in their hair and skin care products. Last but not least, if you are an organic only user I would recommend SVA Organics Tea Tree Oil. Also from Australia, this is certified organic and is a larger quantity for the price. Remember a little goes a long way, so this could last you anywhere from six months to two years depending on frequency of use.

Note: Some schools of thought say certain essential oils may not be safe to use during pregnancy. However, experts say to use the minimum dosage as directed and it should be safe. Please consult your physician if you have any concerns and use at your own discretion. 

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